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Odell Amps - Custom hand built tube guitar amplifiers and vintage tube amp restoration & Parts.

Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q capacitors and Allen bradley carbon composition resistors available in most popular values for your amp resoration and building projects!

You can see many more pictures and Videos of my amps by clicking the link below to Odell Amps specializes in custom tube guitar amps, mostly based on the classic tweed amps of the 1950's and classic amps of the early 1960's. I use the very best vintage and modern components, such as Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, vintage paper caps and military grade paper in oil signal capacitors, cloth covered, and silver plated solid core copper wire, and Mercury Magnetics transformers, Tone Tubby and Weber Speakers. I use original Vintage speakers on request. Each amp I build is a labor of love. I take pride in meticulous build quality, and seek to make sonic replicas of the classics, not just physical replicas.

I have spent a great deal of time analyzing original Vintage Amps using state of the art lab equipment to learn their tone secrets. During my career in High End audio I developed an analytical ear I use to evaluate nuances between component parts and seek to use those with the most authentic sound and unparalleled reliability.

I also do vintage amp restoration work, specializing in Fender tube amps from the tweed through blackface era. I use the correct vintage components to retain the original sound quality of your vintage amp. If you have a beloved vintage amplifier that was worked on and no longer has that tone you love, you should contact me. The amps I like to work on are the same amps I build. Champ, Deluxe, Bandmaster, Bassman, Twin, etc.

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